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2500 litre Bunded Site Tow Diesel Bowser


2500 litre Bunded Site Tow Diesel Bowser

This 2500 litre site tow bowser from RPM Fuels and Tanks is strong, secure and robust and is designed to withstand heavy and prolonged use.

From £3,095.00 + VAT

£3,714.00Inc VAT


Strong, secure and robust site tow bowsers 

The 2500 Litre Bunded Fuel Site Tow Diesel Bowser is strong, robust and secure and is designed to withstand heavy site use. It is manufactured from solid mild steel using a fully bunded, or “tank within a tank” construction. The bund area of the fuel bowser is designed to hold a minimum of 110% of the inner tank ensuring it compies fully with the very latest Environment Agencies requirements including Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG02.


It is manufactured from an all steel construction and sits on a strong, galvanised steel chassis for rugged site use. Specification also includes tank inner baffles for bowser stability, floatation tyres plus tank lifting lugs for full manoeuvrability and a ring eye tow hitch. For extra security there is a fully lockable bowser cabinet, with a shrouded lock, at the rear of the bowser housing all pumping equipment plus a tank gauge and generator feed and returns. The bowser is finished a tough, hard weaaring 2 pack paint finish and is available in a variety of standard paint colours. Alternatively customers can specify their own colour for the bowser if required although a RAL or BS paint code may be needed.


All-in-all this 2500 litre bunded site tow diesel bowser is the ideal solution for diesel users looking to re-fuel vehicles and machinery on site quickly, safely and efficiently.



Length 3630mm
Width 1880mm
Height 1945mm
Bowser Weight - Empty 1600 kg
Bowser Weight - Full 3612 kg
Capacity 2500 Litres



  • Fully bunded oil bowser-Complies with the latest Environment Agencies Pollution Prevention Guidelines, PPG02
  • Tough, robust construction-gives a longer working life
  • Fully lockable cabinet door with lock shroud - protects fuel dispensing equipment & inner tank
  • Bowser tank baffle to help aid stability
  • Pressure relief valve plus one way vent breather
  • Fully sealed bowser contents fuel gauge
  • Bowser towing ring eye plus heavy duty site spec. hand brake
  • A range of fuel pumping options available-hand pump, 12v, 24v 110v, 240v plus petrol and diesel engined fuel dispensing pumps.
  • Lifting eyes-can be lifted full of fuel, for ease of use and manoeuvrability
  • Ideal for refuelling plant & machinery in the agricultural, construction, marine groundcare and commercial industries.



  • Semi rotary, high flow, hand pump kit or battery powered diesel pump kits in a range of flow rates
  • 12 volt battery and carrier
  • 4 stroke petrol engined pumps
  • Spring rewind fuel hose reel - requires an extended cabinet on some bowser models
  • Automatic shut off nozzle - on powered diesel pumps
  • Digital or mechanical flow meter




Q.Is there a difference between the types of tanks?

A. Yes, there are lots of differences between the types of oil storage tanks and these are also available in a variety of sizes.

• Single skin tanks (non bunded) are used more in residential situations rather than commercial. However, a bunded version may be required in a residential situation dependant on the results of a risk assessment, to prevent any pollution from occurring.
• A bunded tank is a tank within a tank or a tank surrounded by a protective wall. Bunded tanks are used to prevent pollution and accidental spillage, containing any leaks within the second tank. Normally used in commercial surroundings.
• Double skinned tanks are like bunded tanks, but possess two protective walls with a small gap between.

These files include useful information regarding the safe installation and operation of our products. Please download and review regularly.