RPM Fuels & Tanks only stock robust fuel transfer pumps from brands that carry a reputation of letting the quality of their products speak for themselves. Fill-Rite has a long tradition of producing quality equipment at a competitive price-point.

Fill-Rite is an industry-leading manufacturer of diesel fuel transfer pumps, putting their name to robust, reliable and ready to use liquid transfer equipment. Our range of products from Fill-Rite includes rotary hand pumps, rotary hand pump kits, and accessories like heavy-duty pedestals.

The Fill-Rite Tuthill rotary hand pump is an elegant, sturdy, hand-operated solution for the manual pumping of diesel, fuels, oils and more. Fully ATEX approved, it will safely dispense and transfer flammable liquids at rates of up to 35 litres per minute. Many industries utilise 45 gallon/205-litre drums to contain their valuable fuels, and as such, the Tuthill rotary pump is designed to be mounted to these drums. This makes it a very versatile hand pump indeed.

The Fill-Rite rotary hand pump kit is a durable fuel transfer kit ideal for those seeking a more specialist solution for setting up their Fill-Rite fuel pump. Like its cousin, this pump will achieve up to 35 litres per minute flow rates whilst being fully ATEX approved.

At RPM Fuels & Tanks, having gained over 24 years of experience in the industry, we love to talk about all things Fill-Rite. For further advice regarding your Fill-Rite purchase, please get in touch with one of our experienced consultants on 01473 793543, or contact us via email at We will be delighted to assist and look forward to hearing from you.  Alternatively, discover our offerings below.

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