RPM Fuels & Tanks are a leading supplier of fuel tanks to the UK, so it is only right that we stock industry-leading brands like Titan.

Titan tanks are a major brand manufactured by Kingspan, who specialises in plastic bunded storage. With innovative design, top-shelf components and exceptional quality, Titan oil tanks are built to last.

Drawing on this expertise, the Titan range includes bunded oil tanks, diesel fuel dispenser tanks and water storage containers.

Titan Bunded Oil Tanks

Titan bunded oil tanks are manufactured from quality polyethylene and are available in slimline, low profile and vertical options. The Titan EcoSafe range is OFTEC approved, includes a 10-year guarantee, and a selection of tried and tested extras.

As standard, the EcoSafe range includes a Spillstop overfill prevention device and a Watchman Alarm Oil Tank Gauge. This will help you monitor levels and warn of sudden oil loss. A Tigerloop oil de-aerator can be purchased as an additional extra, and on select lines, choose from a top or bottom outlet for your Titan oil tank to suit your needs.

Available in capacities ranging from 1,000 – 5,000 litres (and everything in between), the Titan EcoSafe range has you covered. Whether you are seeking a replacement domestic heating oil tank, or you are nearing completion of a residential project and are considering how to fuel it, there is an option for you in the Titan range.

As a fully bunded oil storage tank is required by UK law at all industrial, commercial and agricultural premises, with a Titan bunded oil tank you know you are in safe hands. In many domestic and residential settings, it has also become essential to ensure your fuel tank is within a bund. Considering this, why not enjoy the stress-free operation and peace of mind that comes with a Titan heating oil tank?

Titan Fuel Tanks

Titan fuel tanks are a robust diesel dispensing solution designed for even the most thorough use. By meeting and exceeding all current UK and EU diesel fuel storage requirements, the Titan Fuel Master range is designed to make your life easier with a range of diesel and fuels.

With their integral fuel pumps, up to 6 metres of fuel delivery hose, and lockable dispensing cabinet doors, Fuel Master diesel dispensers are ready for use from the get-go. Also included is a 10-micron water and particle filter, Watchman Sonic Oil Tank Contents Level Gauge and Spillstop anti-overfill device. These systems help ensure security and ease of use for all purposes.

The Fuel Master range of Titan fuel tanks is available in standard, advanced, vertical and slimline configurations. These, in turn, are available at up to 5,000 litres capacity. This versatility lends itself well to agricultural, construction site, commercial, and industrial applications.

Whether you are looking to be able to refuel vehicles away from base on-site, or you seek a diesel storage solution that can withstand the wear and tear of commercial premises, the Titan Fuel Master range has the tank for you.

If you are seeking a Titan heating oil tank for home use, a titan water storage solution, or comprehensive diesel storage and dispensing station, RPM has the right option for you.

At RPM Fuels & Tanks, having gained over 24 years of experience in the industry, we love to talk about all things fuel tank. For further advice regarding your purchase, contact one of our experienced, knowledgeable advisors on 01473 793543, or contact us via email at sales@rpm-fuels.co.uk. We will be delighted to assist and look forward to hearing from you.  Alternatively, discover our offerings below.

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