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Fuel Oil Flow Meter

RPM Fuels and Tanks is one of the UK’s leading distributors of fuel flow meters. We stock a great range of these devices, suitable for a wide variety of uses. Our selection includes both mechanical and digital flow meters able to measure oil, diesel, fuel, or heating oil, tools essential in the management and monitoring of fuel quantities as they are dispensed.

All featured flow meters provide high quality, smooth performance coupled with highly accurate dispensing. These products are designed to meet the high demands needed for commercial and agricultural use. We also have in stock a great range of home heating oil meters which are exceptional at improving fuel efficiency and are the ideal solution for shared lets or tenants.

Our range includes a number of fuel oil flow meters, and diesel fuel meters, including models from Great Plains Industries, and Piusi.

Much of our meter range is available for 24-hour delivery at an additional cost– be sure to check product pages for further details and current product availability.

At RPM, we pride ourselves on providing the UK with reliable, precise, and cost-effective fuel flow measurement solutions. Browse our range of meters below, or, for further advice regarding your purchase, contact one of our knowledgeable advisors on 01473787787, or, get in touch via email at sales@rpm-fuels.co.uk. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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Oil and Fuel Flow Meter FAQs

  • What is meter creep?

    “Meter creep” is a phenomenon in which a flow meter registers an incorrect measurement, usually an inexplicable increase whenever the pump is turned on, even when no fuel is being delivered. This error can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s due to a build-up of oil in the hose piping caused by leakage, but it is more commonly caused by more systemic problems.

    Temperature differences between the tanks and hoses can also be responsible – temperature drops in the hose can cause the fuel to contract, while hotter temperatures in the tank can cause it to expand, confusing the meter.

    Meter creep can also be caused by simple technical malfunctions and glitches with digital displays. False readings are always annoying to deal with, so come and get your flow meter checked out with us if you suspect that anything is amiss.

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