Fuel Spill Containment Equipment

RPM Fuels and Tanks are stockists of a wide range of fuel spill containment equipment and products, including a variety of fuel spill kits, and fuel spill pallets, and bunding trays.

This fuel spill control equipment plays an essential part in the safe and responsible storage of diesel, fuels, and oils, helping ensure environmental protection where possible through fuel and oil spill control.

Spill containment equipment and kits are useful across a variety of sectors in which oil and fuel spills are a risk factor, including agricultural, industrial, and commercial. From bunded pallets for the safe storage of barrels and drums, to spill containment kits with sealable bags for responsible disposal, we have the fuel spill control equipment to suit your needs, with capacity ranging from small, more manageable spills, to up to 1000 litres.

Our range of bunding trays and fuel spill control equipment are available at highly competitive prices, with all products including delivery within mainland UK. Fuel and oil spill control products can also be ordered on a next day delivery or timed delivery service basis at additional cost.

For further advice regarding your oil control equipment purchase, contact one of our knowledgeable advisors on 01473787787, or, get in touch via email at sales@rpm-fuels.co.uk. We’ll be happy to assist you. In the event of an active oil or fuel spill, it is also highly advisable to contact OFTEC.

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  • 2 and 4 x 210 litre Drum Bunded Spill Pallets

    From: £145.00 £174.00 inc VAT

    2 and 4 drum spill pallets are tough, durable, robust and are the ‘ready to go’ solution to oil drum storage from RPM Fuels and Tanks.

  • 2 x 205 Litre Bunded Barrel Spill Pallet

    £145.00 £174.00 inc VAT

    The 2 barrel bunded spill pallet can hold two 205 litre (45 gallon) fuel or oil barrels; a solution to oil drum storage in environmentally sensitive areas.

  • 20 Litre Spill Kit With Clip Close Bag

    £24.95 £29.94 inc VAT

    Great value, 20 litre oil & fuel absorbent spill kit complete with its own clip close bag for easy disposal of used absorbents.

  • 4 x 205 Litre Bunded Barrel Spill Pallet

    £165.00 £198.00 inc VAT

    The 4 barrel spill pallet can hold up to four 205 litre (45 gallon) fuel or oil barrels. For operators who need to store drums and barrels in a bunded area.

  • 50 Litre Spill Kit With Shoulder Bag

    From: £44.95 £53.94 inc VAT

    Compact and easy to store, the 50 litre Spill Kit is ideal for storing with your existing tank or for keeping in your vehicles cab in case of emergency.

  • Bunded IBC Spill Pallet – Single

    £600.00 £720.00 inc VAT

    This Bunded IBC Spill Pallet – Single comes with four way forklift pockets making it easy to manoeuvre empty units on site

  • IBC Bunded Pallet – 1000 Litres

    £525.00 £630.00 inc VAT

    This 1000 Litre IBC Bunded Spill Pallet is ideal for the environmentally safe storage of oils and chemicals

  • IBC Bunded Pallet – 1000 Litres

    £545.00 £654.00 inc VAT

    The Bunded IBC Pallet – 1000 Litres is designed to safely hold a full 1000 Litre IBC or International Bulk Container


    IBC Bunded Spill Pallet (SINGLE) – With Decking

    From: £545.00 £654.00 inc VAT

    IBC bunded spill pallets are available in black or yellow from RPM Fuels and Tanks. Removable platforms for easy cleaning. Also available without decking.

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