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RPM Fuels and Tanks are a leading, UK based supplier of fuel tank equipment, including oil tank gauges, fill point caps, oil tank vent caps, and diesel fuel tank filter systems, offering a hand-selected range of reliable products from a range of trusted manufacturers, including Apollo, Titan, GPI, Piusi, and Watchman at competitive prices.

Our range includes diesel fuel tank caps, heating oil tank filters, farm fuel tank locking valves – such as the Spin Secure Tank Locking Cap, and heating oil tank gauges, from simple clock type tank gauges to Watchman & Apollo electronic remote tank gauges such as the Watchman Alarm Oil Tank Gauge and Apollo Visual Oil Tank Gauge. RPM is proud to offer every piece of equipment you could need when owning an oil tank, or storing diesel, oil, or fuel.

Whether you’re seeking a smart heating oil monitor, a 10-micron diesel fuel filter, a locking vent cap, or a clock type oil gauge, RPM fuels are able to provide your ideal solution. Discover our range of fuel tank equipment and accessories below.

For further advice regarding your purchase, contact one of our knowledgeable advisors on 01473787787, or, get in touch via email at sales@rpm-fuels.co.uk. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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  • Brass Inline Y Strainer
  • 10 Micron Water & Particulate Filter

    £95.00 £114.00 inc VAT
  • 2″ BSP Locking Vent Cap

    £16.95 £20.34 inc VAT

    For use on 2″ BSP threaded vents, our Locking Vent Cap gives added security to your oil storage tank, especially when used with our Spin Secure Tank Lock fill point locking cap.

  • Aluminium Fill Point Tank Cap & Chain

    From: £11.95 £14.34 inc VAT

    An aluminium fill point cap with its own chain to secure it to the tank. Available from RPM Fuels and Tanks in a variety of fill point sizes from 1½ to 4″.

  • Sold out

    Apollo Smart Heating Oil Monitor

    £89.95 £107.94 inc VAT

    Apollo Smart Heating Oil Monitor – To monitor heating oil tank content levels, check heating oil consumption, fuel costs and monitor CO2 emissions as well.

  • Apollo Standard Oil Tank Gauge

    Apollo Standard Oil Tank Gauge

    £60.95 £73.14 inc VAT

    The Apollo Standard Oil Tank Gauge uses a high quality FM signal to send out the tank’s contents readings to the receiver. Never run out of oil again!

  • Apollo Visual Oil Tank Gauge

    £69.00 £82.80 inc VAT

    Apollo Visual Oil Tank Gauge – Monitor your oil tank contents from your home, rather than walking outside to the tank. No need to run out of oil again!

  • Brass Fill Point Cap & Chain

    From: £11.95 £14.34 inc VAT

    The brass fill point cap, from RPM Fuels and Tanks, has a chain to secure it to the tank & is available in a variety of fill point sizes from 1″ to 3½” BSP.

  • Brass Inline Y Filter

    From: £21.95 £26.34 inc VAT

    The 550 micron brass inline Y filter fits on the inlet or suction side of your pump and helps filter out most particulates, protecting your pump & machinery.

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