Diesel Fuel Tank Filter Systems

Piusi CF60 Fuel Filter

RPM Fuels and Tanks are stockists of a wide range of diesel fuel tank filter systems, including brass inline Y filters, and combined water particle, general fuel filters for use with oil and diesel, and diesel filters.

Diesel fuel tank filter systems and valves play an essential part in the effective transfer of diesel, fuels, and oils, helping ensure the removal of particulates and contaminants through filtration, increasing the quality of your diesel, and keeping your machinery or pipes clean and healthy.

With fuel tanks filters for sale with flow rates between 60 and 100 litres per minute and a number of cartridges available for purchase, RPM takes pride in helping you maintain the condition of both your diesel and your equipment.

Our range of diesel tank filter kits and fuel filters are available at highly competitive prices, with all products including delivery within mainland UK. Diesel fuel tank filters can also be ordered on a next day delivery or timed delivery service basis at additional cost.

For further advice regarding your fuel tank filter purchase, contact one of our knowledgeable advisors on 01473787787, or, get in touch via email at sales@rpm-fuels.co.uk. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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Diesel Fuel Tank Filter System FAQs

  • How many microns can go through a diesel fuel filter system?

    A micron is an extremely small unit of measurement, with one equalling 40 millionths of an inch. An average diesel filter system should have the capacity to remove particles that are from 10 to 550 microns in width – these particles are microscopic, completely invisible to the human eye. As you can expect from such incredibly tiny particles, hundreds of thousands of them can be filtered through the diesel tank at a high rate.

  • What is a diesel fuel tank filter system?

    Most fuel-burning tanks need some kind of filtration system in place to purify the fuel supply and reduce as much excess pollution as possible. For diesel tank filters, this is mainly achieved by separating the diesel emulsion from water. It’s very easy for oil, petrol, diesel and other fuel containers to become dirtied by contaminants if they are not properly stored and filtered regularly. It’s important for the fuel itself to be well maintained, which a good filtration system should help to provide. Some diesel filters come with translucent parts that allow you to see how much water is building up in your diesel supply.

  • How often should I change my diesel fuel tank filter system?

    Replacement rates for diesel tank filters greatly depend on the size and material of the filters in question, as well as the age of the tank or vehicle it is being attached to, among various other factors.

    A small diesel tank filter system ought to be replaced on a semi-regular basis every two to three years. Larger filters can last several times that long while also requiring less maintenance. Generally speaking, fuel tank filters may need to be replaced more often if the machine or vehicle connected to it is an older model, in order to make up for natural wear-and-tear.

    Different materials degrade at different rates. Our brass filters, for example, do not succumb to rust due to the lack of iron content, making them great for long-term sustainability.

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