Fill Point Caps

Lockable Oil Tank Filler Cap

We at RPM Fuels supply a wide range of standard and lockable fill point caps, which provide high-quality security at affordable prices. These caps are designed to improve the storage and security of fuel in a range of environments.

The Spin Secure, one of our most popular lockable filler caps, is unrivalled in its ability to securely store fuel, with its free spin design and its ease of installation, is one of the industry’s leading locking fuel filler caps. Our extensive range also includes the aluminium fill point tank cap & chain, the brass fill point cap & chain, and the plastic fill point tank cap.

Our BSP fill point locking oil tank caps are highly effective crime deterrents and provide one of the most secure solutions available. They are produced from solid aluminium, and come with a hardened steel Yale padlock, giving you a highly secure locking mechanism.

These lockable filler caps are suitable for use on a number of tank types, including heating oil tanks, and fuel tanks.

Our range of locking fill point caps is available at highly competitive prices, with all products including delivery within mainland UK. These fill point caps can also be ordered on a next day delivery or timed delivery service basis at additional cost.

For further advice regarding your oil tank cap purchase, contact one of our knowledgeable advisors on 01473787787, or, get in touch via email at We’ll be happy to assist you.

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Fill Point Cap FAQs

  • How secure are fill point caps?

    Better than anyone, we understand the importance of keeping your valuable fuel resources safe in these uncertain times. Fit for purpose, our fill point caps are reassuringly secure thanks to their airtight locking mechanisms and chain links which can be attached to the tank for extra support. Once locked firmly, a fill point cap is one of the most potent crime deterrents there are when it comes to fuel tank security.

    Our Spin Secure caps have a particularly ingenious design feature that causes the cap to spin around indefinitely if any potential thief tries to twist it open without a key – this also makes it nearly impossible for thieves to break it open by force. You can rest easy knowing that your fuel supply is safe and secure.

  • What are fill point caps made of?

    Fill point caps can be made of a variety of sturdy materials, including aluminium, brass and plastic. Aluminium caps are exceptionally tough and durable. Brass caps are especially good at resisting the build-up of dirt and grime within the fuel tank. Most of them come with metal chain links that can be fastened onto the outside of the tank.

  • How are fill point caps locked?

    Most fill point cap brands have simple yet firm snap-lock mechanisms, as well as chains to attach to the tank for an extra layer of security. Spin Secure fill point caps can be easily bolted shut with a patented spinning mechanism that keeps freewheeling around and around until a working key is inserted. This prevents potential thieves or vandals from using any torque points to pry open the cap with brute force.

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