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RPM Fuels & Tanks is one of the premier suppliers of water storage tanks to the UK. Our hand-selected range of both potable and non-potable water storage solutions includes plastic water tanks for domestic and industrial use, from trusted manufacturers including as Harlequin, Titan and Carbery, sold at highly competitive prices.

Manufactured using robust plastic, our range offers a modern solution to water storage, with most of our range featuring UV resistance, and moulded designs, helping prevent splitting, and ensuring the longevity of your investment.

Our above-ground water tanks, ranging in capacity from 1100 litres to 9250 litres, and available in slimline, and horizontal formats are excellently suited to a number of applications, including home water supply, and agricultural, commercial, and industrial water storage.

Whether you’re seeking a potable tank for use with drinking water or a non-potable water tank for commercial cold-water storage, we have the right solution for you.

All water storage tanks sold by RPM are available for prompt, direct delivery to your property, with most of our tanks available to order on an express delivery service basis, meaning you can get your tank quickly, and at the very best price.

Browse our range of potable and non-potable plastic water tanks below, or, contact one of our knowledgeable advisors on 01473 787787 or – we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Plastic Water Storage Tanks FAQs

  • Are plastic water storage tanks suitable for home use?

    Plastic storage tanks for potable water are perfectly suitable for homes. Designed to be kept above ground, they are readily accessible to provide fresh, uncontaminated drinking water (it’s always best to filter the water before consuming it for added safety). Non-potable water tanks are more applicable for less domestic environments, such as commercial properties, agricultural farms, and industrial areas.

  • How long do plastic water storage tanks last?

    If they are well maintained, plastic water storage tanks can last well over 10 years. Recyclable and non-biodegradable, polymer plastic is an excellent solution for your water storage needs. Regular maintenance work needed to keep your plastic water tank safe and functional includes sweeping for algae build-up, monitoring temperature and updating filtration systems.

  • Are plastic water tanks safe?

    Both potable and non-potable plastic water storage tanks are very safe to handle. Slightly more care has to be taken when handling non-potable water, since it is not sanitised as much and there is a higher risk of infectious contamination. Algae and bacteria are the enemies to look out for when storing water in plastic tanks, though they afflict tanks made of other materials just as much. In potable water stores, the presence of algae in the water or on the walls can cause severe illness for those who drink it. Proper filtration of drinking water is crucial and must be taken seriously. On the other hand, since our water tanks are above-ground based, there is much lower risk of arsenic or fluorosis contamination compared to groundwater supply chains.

  • How can I protect plastic water storage tanks from sunlight?

    Good news: you don’t have to worry about it! Most of our plastic water storage tanks have advanced UV protection that keeps the contents cool even when the tanks are exposed to beams of direct sunlight. Sunlight can accelerate water stagnation by stimulating algae growth via photosynthesis in less protected water tanks. Generally, all water tanks benefit from being kept in cool, dry areas, though getting hit by some odd stray sunbeams is not fatal for our plastic water tanks.

  • How much do plastic water tanks weigh?

    Some plastic water storage tanks carry only 1,000 litres, while others carry up to almost 10,000 litres. Without any water, these tanks weigh from 100kg to 180kg, with the largest ones being capable of holding almost 10 tonnes of water when filled to capacity. The heaviest tanks are best kept above ground level in outdoor areas with plenty of open surrounding space.

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