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Are plastic single skin oil tanks better than those made of other materials?
Petrochemical plastic is indeed an extremely effective storage material for oil and fuel, making it a preferred choice over some other materials. Plastic is also an […]
Are there any regulations for owning a plastic single skin oil tank?
Due to risks of leakages caused by low stability, there are regulations to be considered before purchasing a plastic single skin oil tank. Measures have to […]
What is a plastic single skin oil tank?
A plastic single skin oil tank is a fuel containment unit with only a single partition made of plastic to keep the oil inside, with no […]
Is diesel corrosive to plastic?
Diesel is not immediately corrosive to plastic, but it can cause degradation over time, which can in turn lead to containment issues and leakages. However, our […]
How can I read an oil tank gauge?
Depending on whether the oil tank gauge is digital or not, it can be difficult for the uninitiated to decipher the meaning of the readings and […]
Are there any safety precautions I need to take before installing an oil tank gauge?
With such a simple and easy installation process, there are only a few safety precautions to concern yourself with when fitting an oil tank gauge, aside […]
How do I reset oil tank gauges?
The most efficient way to reset an oil tank gauge is to briefly remove the battery and reattach it after about two minutes. All you need […]
What are fill point caps made of?
Fill point caps can be made of a variety of sturdy materials, including aluminium, brass and plastic. Aluminium caps are exceptionally tough and durable. Brass caps […]
How are fill point caps locked?
Most fill point cap brands have simple yet firm snap-lock mechanisms, as well as chains to attach to the tank for an extra layer of security. […]


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