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How do you clean a generator fuel tank?
Often, you begin by removing the spark plug, and siphoning out any fuel in the generator fuel tank. This is usually followed by rinsing with a […]
How do you drain a generator fuel tank?
The best way to drain your generator fuel tank is debatable, but many accredited technicians use a specified cleaner along with something akin to a baster […]
How far does a generator need to be from a house?
It is a requirement generator fuel tanks be at least 6 metres (19 ½ ft) metres away from any boundaries, houses, or buildings because generator fuel […]
What is a fuel bowser?
A “fuel bowser” is a term to describe a portable fuel tanker which is a trailer fitted with a tank designed to carry a variety of […]
What portable fuel bowser brands do you stock?
Here at RPM Fuels & Tanks, you will find that we proudly offer a featurette of some of the most illustrious and versatile fuel bowsers. From […]
How do you clean a portable fuel tank?
Firstly you want to remove the fuel pump and then empty your portable fuel tank of fuel completely. Then rinse with a degreaser and empty again […]
How far should a steel diesel tank be from a building?
At RPM Fuels and Tanks, we like to adhere to the industry standards and models of safety. Steel diesel tanks should be situated at least 2 […]
How do you clean a steel diesel tank?
If your steel tank is dirty or greasy to the point of preventing optimum operations, it’s time clean it. Cleaning your steel diesel tank is a […]
How do you repair a steel tank?
Despite their high durability, we have to accept that there can be occasions when steel tanks are damaged and in need of repair. We would firstly […]


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