Diesel Generator Fuel Tank FAQs

How do you drain a generator fuel tank?
The best way to drain your generator fuel tank is debatable, but many accredited technicians use a specified cleaner along with something akin to a baster […]
How far does a generator need to be from a house?
It is a requirement generator fuel tanks be at least 6 metres (19 ½ ft) metres away from any boundaries, houses, or buildings because generator fuel […]
How do you clean a generator fuel tank?
Often, you begin by removing the spark plug, and siphoning out any fuel in the generator fuel tank. This is usually followed by rinsing with a […]
How much diesel does a generator use?
The answer to how much diesel fuel a generator uses will vary according to how much power the diesel generator produces, what fraction of load it […]
How long does diesel last?
Diesel fuel has a shelf-life. The consensus is that it can only be stored on average for between 6 and 12 months. The actual figure may […]
What is a diesel generator tank?
A diesel generator tank is an external fuel tank used for powering a diesel generator. A key difference between a diesel generator fuel tank and a […]
What steel diesel generator tank capacities does RPM stock?
RPM Fuels and Tanks stocks a wide range of steel diesel generator fuel tanks to cover all requirements and price points. Our extensive range includes compact, […]
How much is a diesel generator fuel tank?
As with other tanks, the price of a diesel generator fuel tank varies according to capacity, extras, and material of construction. Our lines include the space-saving, […]


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