Skid Bowser FAQs

What is a fuel bowser?
A “fuel bowser” is a term to describe a portable fuel tanker which is a trailer fitted with a tank designed to carry a variety of […]
What portable fuel bowser brands do you stock?
Here at RPM Fuels & Tanks, you will find that we proudly offer a featurette of some of the most illustrious and versatile fuel bowsers. From […]
How do you clean a portable fuel tank?
Firstly you want to remove the fuel pump and then empty your portable fuel tank of fuel completely. Then rinse with a degreaser and empty again […]
What is the difference between a skid bowser and a towable bowser?
A skid bowser is a portable fuel bowser (or water tank) that is best suited to being moved around on-site by a forklift truck. They can […]
What is a UN Approved portable fuel bowser?
A UN Approved portable fuel bowser is a transportable storage tank that has been designed, constructed, tested, and certified to store and transport dangerous materials on […]
What portable fuel bowser sizes does RPM stock?
RPM Fuels and Tanks proudly stocks a range of portable skid bowsers at a range of capacities and competitive price points. Available in materials ranging from […]
What can skid bowsers be used for?
Fuel specific skid bowsers are most commonly used as a transportable refuelling station within the agricultural, transportation, and construction industries, or for general fuel transport from […]
What is a skid bowser?
Skid bowsers are similar to towable bowsers – but lack the towable functionality provided by a wheeled trailer. Instead, skid bowsers are more suitable for transport […]
How much are skid bowsers?
The price of a skid bowser will vary depending on the size, type, and features required.  Whilst single skin versions suitable for site and private use […]


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