Steel Diesel Tanks FAQs

How far should a steel diesel tank be from a building?
At RPM Fuels and Tanks, we like to adhere to the industry standards and models of safety. Steel diesel tanks should be situated at least 2 […]
How do you clean a steel diesel tank?
If your steel tank is dirty or greasy to the point of preventing optimum operations, it’s time clean it. Cleaning your steel diesel tank is a […]
How do you repair a steel tank?
Despite their high durability, we have to accept that there can be occasions when steel tanks are damaged and in need of repair. We would firstly […]
What does OFTEC stand for?
OFTEC stands for the Oil Firing Technical Association. A steel diesel fuel tank that is said to be OFTEC certified means that the design meets the […]
What is the difference between red and white diesel?
White diesel is the ultra-low sulphur diesel typically used for road-going vehicles. White diesel also contains a higher concentration of cetane than red diesel. Red diesel […]
What is a steel bunded fuel tank used for?
RPM’s range of steel bunded fuel tanks is ideal for use across a wide range of applications. If you need to store or dispense quantities of […]
How much does a steel bunded fuel station cost?
The range of steel bunded fuel stations on offer from RPM Fuels and Tanks cater to a range of price points. Our lowest capacity station starts […]
What are steel bunded fuel tanks?
A steel bunded fuel tank is a steel vessel for storing and/or dispensing fuels that features both an inner tank and outer tank. The inner tank […]


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