Waste Oil Tank FAQs

What is the sludge I find in my waste oil tank?
Oil that has been kept in stasis for long periods of time can strain and degrade under its own weight, creating a thick, viscous sludge at […]
How should a waste oil tank be cleaned?
It’s best to hire a professional to clean your tank if it needs heavy maintenance. Some contaminated fuels can be highly toxic to handle without proper […]
Where should a waste oil tank be disposed of?
There are some legal requirements to consider before fully disposing of any fossil fuel waste. Any detritus in an oil tank should be taken to a […]
Where are waste oil tanks allowed to be used?
Waste oil tanks are perfect for industrial or domestic use, but owners of these tanks do have to consider some legal rules and regulations regarding how […]
What can be put in a waste oil tank?
Waste oil tanks should be used for different types of oil residue, including:   Kerosene Petrol Diesel Lubricant oils Heating oils Vegetable oils Agricultural fuel oils […]


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