Harlequin HQi Bunded Oil Tanks

RPM Fuels and Tanks are proud stockists of major fuel tank manufacturer, Harlequin. Known for their extensive range of high specification fuel solutions, Harlequin are a leading supplier of robust, practically-designed fuel storage units and heating oil tanks. RPM’s range of Harlequin products includes a number of Harlequin HQi Bunded Oil Tanks.

Harlequin HQi Bunded Heating Oil Tanks are an entry-level range of oil storage tanks with a standard specification. These home heating oil tanks come in a large range of capacities, from 350 to 10,000 litres, with formats including slim, slimline, regular, and horizontal to suit a number of spaces and applications.  These basic HQi bunded tanks offer the same safe storage as Harlequin’s ITE iTank, but without some of the additional features. These tanks are moulded from premium grade, oil resistant polythene and are ideal for the above-ground home storage of heating oil.

There are a number of additional features that can be added to the HQi bunded oil tanks such as the Watchman contents gauge, Apollo tank pack and the RPM Fuels and Tanks bottom outlet tank fitting kit.

All Harlequin oil tanks sold by RPM are fully compliant with the very latest UK and EU fuel storage regulations including the Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines, PPG02, helping keep fuel storage operations safe and legal.

For further advice regarding your Harlequin HQi bunded heating oil tank purchase, contact one of our knowledgeable advisors on 01473787787, or contact us via email at sales@rpm-fuels.co.uk. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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  • 1000 Litre Bunded Oil Tank – Harlequin 1000HQi

    £1,029.00 £1,234.80 inc VAT

    At just 710mm wide the Harlequin 1000HQI Bunded Oil Storage Tank is narrow enough to fit through a standard domestic doorway.

  • Harlequin 1100HQI Heating Oil Storage Tank

    £1,029.00 £1,234.80 inc VAT

    The Harlequin 1100HQI Bunded Fuel Storage Tank is moulded from superior grade polyethylene for durability & is designed to exceed UK and EU compliance regulations.

  • Harlequin 1300HQI Bunded Oil Storage Tank

    £1,099.00 £1,318.80 inc VAT

    The new Harlequin 1300HQI Bunded Oil Storage Tank is engineered to exceed fuel storage requirements as set down by the Environment Agency and OFTEC.

  • Harlequin 1400HQI Bunded Oil Storage Tank

    £1,139.00 £1,366.80 inc VAT

    The Harlequin 1400HQI Bunded Heating Oil Tank is a fully bunded, low-cost solution ideal for home heating and light commercial installations.

  • Harlequin 1450HQI Bunded Oil Storage Tank

    £925.00 £1,110.00 inc VAT

    All-in-all the Harlequin 1450HQi Bunded Oil Tank is ideal for use in home heating oil situations and is also suitable for smaller commercial premises.

  • Harlequin 1650 Diamond Bunded Oil Tank

    £1,129.00 £1,354.80 inc VAT

    The Harlequin 1650HZB diamond is a fully bunded heating oil storage tank made from superior fuel resistant polyethylene. For all heating oil installations.

  • Harlequin 2000HQI Bunded Oil Storage Tank

    £1,209.00 £1,450.80 inc VAT

    The Harlequin 2000HQI Oil tank is a fully bunded heating oil storage tank for superior protection and has been precision engineered for maximum strength.

  • Harlequin 2500HQI Bunded Oil Storage Tank

    £1,339.00 £1,606.80 inc VAT

    The Harlequin 2500HQI Plastic Bunded Oil Tank is suitable for various installations including domestic dwellings, plus industrial, agricultural & commercial.

  • Harlequin 3500HQI Bunded Heating Oil Tank

    £1,780.00 £2,136.00 inc VAT

    The Harlequin 3500HQI Bunded Heating Oil Tank is for domestic or commercial properties requiring a large capacity oil storage tank at an affordable price.