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Skid Bowser FAQs

  • What is a skid bowser?

    Skid bowsers are similar to towable bowsers – but lack the towable functionality provided by a wheeled trailer. Instead, skid bowsers are more suitable for transport through lifting with a forklift, or through attachment to larger trailers. They consist of a tough steel chassis – generally equipped with pockets for lifting, and groves for fixing, and a cylindrical steel tank (available in both single skin and bunded format).

    RPM Fuels’ wide range of skid bowsers includes road legal, UN Approved, skid base diesel models for the safe and environmentally responsible transportation of diesel fuel on the highway.

  • How much are skid bowsers?

    The price of a skid bowser will vary depending on the size, type, and features required.  Whilst single skin versions suitable for site and private use only tend to be the least expensive offering on the market, UN certified skid bowsers are typically placed at a higher price point.

    RPM fuel’s range of steel and plastic skid bowsers ranges from approximately £395 to £3195 in accordance with the above factors. In addition to this, RPM fuels provide bespoke steel skid bowsers constructed to your exact requirements. Estimated prices for these tanks will be provided upon consultation.

  • What can skid bowsers be used for?

    Fuel specific skid bowsers are most commonly used as a transportable refuelling station within the agricultural, transportation, and construction industries, or for general fuel transport from one location to another (depending on the skid bowser’s UN certification status).

    Skid bowsers able to hold water can be used for transportation, and, when fitted with the correct equipment, dust suppression, plant watering,  and pressure washing. For the above reasons, skid bowsers able to hold water are commonly seen in agriculture, site maintenance, and construction.

  • What is the difference between a skid bowser and a towable bowser?

    A skid bowser is a portable fuel bowser (or water tank) that is best suited to being moved around on-site by a forklift truck. They can also be transported on a trailer. A towable bowser often features integral wheels, and so can be connected directly to a vehicle for transport.

    Oftentimes you’ll see that skid bowsers feature slots in the bottom for the tines of the forklift truck to be inserted into for moving. This enables them great portability around construction sites, and other various agricultural, commercial, and industrial settings. The lack of wheels on a skid-mount portable fuel bowser also helps provide stability in place once it has been placed where it is needed.

  • What is a UN Approved portable fuel bowser?

    A UN Approved portable fuel bowser is a transportable storage tank that has been designed, constructed, tested, and certified to store and transport dangerous materials on the highway, such as diesel, kerosene, and oil. This ensures that potentially hazardous fuels are moved with safety in mind in quality-built storage tanks.

    With RPM Fuels and Tanks, you can buy with confidence. Our UN Approved skid bowsers are built with robust steel construction, with only the highest quality craftsmanship as standard. Additionally, our skid bowsers are PPG02 compliant where noted. We put health and safety at the heart of what we do and show this with the products in our vast range.

  • What portable fuel bowser sizes does RPM stock?

    RPM Fuels and Tanks proudly stocks a range of portable skid bowsers at a range of capacities and competitive price points. Available in materials ranging from poly to steel, our range covers all needs, ranging from the 200 litre Titan TruckMaster to the 3,000 litre, UN Approved GT Generator Tank.

    The diversity of capacities available make portable fuel bowsers an attractive choice for the safe, convenient, and accessible storage of diesel fuels. Whether you are looking for a smaller fuel cube to refuel vehicles or machinery away from base, or you need a large, portable fuel dispensing solution for many vehicles on-site, RPM has you covered.