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Single Skin Steel Oil Tanks Domestic

RPM Fuels and Tanks are proud providers of a wide selection of single skin steel oil tanks, available, with models ranging in capacity from 1100 to 2500 litres for sale at highly competitive prices.

Steel single wall oil tanks are a cost-effective and simple form of oil and fuel storage. Whether you require a domestic single skin steel tank to store heating oil for a single-family dwelling or are looking to install a single wall tank on an industrial site where suitable bunded tanks are already in situ, you’ll find a tank suited to you, and available for delivery within a prompt timeframe (subject to stock availability) at RPM fuels.

Steel’s natural resistance to damaging factors such as UV exposure, temperature change, and accidental damage assist greatly in extending its expected lifespan beyond that expected of most other oil containers. With this in mind, it is important to note that single skin oil tanks face strict regulation with regard to location and installation due to their design – these tanks offer no form of outer containment so therefore in the event of a spillage there is a significant risk of damage to the environment.

For those requiring a tank adhering to specific requirements, RPM offers an exclusive bespoke single skin tank production service.

Browse our range of tanks below, or, contact one of our knowledgeable advisors on 01473787787 or to further discuss your purchase– we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Steel Single Skin Oil Tanks

  • What is a single skin steel oil tank?

    A single skin steel oil tank is a fuel container with only one wall or “skin” of steel layering between the interior and exterior. Steel is a notoriously strong and resistant metal, which makes it an ideal material for fuel containment. Single skin tanks are basic yet sustainable, ideal for both domestic and industrial environments. Compared to other oil tank types, these steel tanks have a minimalist look about them – our single skin steel tanks are recognisable for being flat and featureless, in contrast to other tank types that have more garnishing to indicate the presence of protective padding or bunding walls.

  • How long do single skin oil tanks last?

    Steel oil tanks have solid longevity compared to oil tanks made of other materials and single skin variants are no exception. If kept in good condition, single skin steel tanks can last up to 20 years. If there are any noticeable signs of deterioration, it’s important to get the tank checked immediately and possibly replaced.

  • What are the regulations for owning a single skin steel oil tank?

    Basic and cost-effective as they are, steel skin oil tanks carry a small share of risks that necessitate some important legal regulations for storing them. Due to the total lack of external reinforcement beyond that single layer of steel, there is a high risk of polluting the outside environments if that layer is compromised somehow and forms a leakage. At RPM, we also offer top quality anti-spill equipment compatible with single skin tanks in case of emergency.

    Single skin steel tanks must be kept away from drains, water sources, fire hazards, and domestic properties. To protect the groundwater supplies from contamination, the tanks need to be kept at least 10 metres away from any water source. For potable water supplies (a.k.a. drinking water supplies), they need to be stationed 50 metres away. Single skin tanks cannot hold more the 2500 litres of oil or fluid. Finally, it is required that the oil tank is not kept directly above hard ground that could carry spilt oil to nearby water supplies.

    Some areas in the UK have regional regulations related to oil tank bunding that prevent single skin tanks from being used. It’s always best to check with your local authority to iron out the legal details before making your decision to purchase a single skin oil tank – they may dispatch an OFTEC engineer to conduct an oil tank risk assessment, just in case.

  • Can I fit a single skin oil tank in my yard?

    Single skin tanks can easily fit in a number of locations, including back yards. However, it is highly important that a single skin tank is kept at a safe distance from drains, sources of water, and anywhere else that could pose a risk of contamination due to surface runoff (which can travel across land to the surrounding environment, particularly in waterlogged conditions). The tank must also be kept on a fireproof platform sufficiently high off the ground, with a wide enough surface area surrounding the base of the tank.

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